Sunday, March 29, 2009

Healing animals...where does one begin?

A recent friend of mine was helping animals that lived outside in a very poor part of a town. For days afterward she was depressed and filled with despair. When I discussed it with her she replied (to something I said) "You would have to get to the root cause of poverty." I agree that when people are living in such dismal circumstances it is more likely to see their animals follow in the same despair. It is easy when being an animal lover to become angry with people. Unfortunately, the well being of animals is often dependent on people, and to uplift the animals there are often times we have to work with the people and where they are at. I think we need to start at the most basic level in helping the poor. People need to eat and they need access to healthy food. Community gardens might help with this. I bet there are examples of this out there where people living in low income areas are invited to take part in a community garden. There is something spiritual in being out with nature. In planting and planning a garden dialogue would help in creating community around something positive too. One has to begin somewhere, and that might be the beginning for some in creating peace.